Benefits for Stakeholders

Our goal is to deliver positive, transformational impact for our community, our investors, our partners and their clients.

What to expect when partnering with TPW Investments

Partners & Participants

Quality, newly renovated, attainably priced, and safe housing solutions tailored for participant’s needs.

Community Leaders

Studies suggest a reduction in homelessness results in lower healthcare and public safety costs, improvements in educational performance, and vibrant communities.


Passive real estate investment for local impact at a competitive rate of return.

 We take pride in sourcing projects that meet each of our stakeholder’s goals and help people experiencing homelessness succeed.


We invest in quality, safe, and clean materials at the start of each project with an eye for long-term ownership so we can supply properties to participants who are interested in permanent supportive housing and home ownership.

Resource Optimization

We allocate resources across stakeholder groups to facilitate growth, financial fitness, education and wellness for our residents.

Economic Development

New construction and attainable housing restoration projects that increase or maintain affordable housing stock create jobs and encourage spending in the surrounding neighborhoods.